Our Makers

YourVolunteers is a service created by Primary Key Technologies, Inc. in the great city of Portland, in the great state of Oregon, and in the US of A (on the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy in the Earth-1218 universe). Our company was founded in 2002 to provide web, software, mobile and database development services to organizations of all types and sizes.

We have had quite a journey over our first 14 years participating in the creation of numerous applications that have earned our clients a lot of dough. By dough, we mean money as we have not actually worked for a bakery. YourVolunteers was a labor of love, and you can help us to feel better about it all but letting all of your friends (the real kind, not just superficial Facebook ones who laugh about your posts behind your backs) know about an awesome web, software, database, and cloud development company who would do an amazing job for them at a reasonable rate (especially if they need Portland Web Development).

All of the development of our products is done in-house to ensure that the underlying code behind our products is of high quality and not like a really pretty sports car that has an engine full of duct tape. Also, this ensures that no one but us has access to the code or the database tables with your information in it.

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