FAQs - Using the YourVolunteers System

How long does it take to get set up?

That really depends. After you receive your login information and log in to the site for the first time, you will be taken to a setup wizard. There are a number of optional elements there so if you use them, it can take a little longer. All in all, the setting things up does not take too long.

Is there any way to prevent volunteers from having access?

YourVolunteers was designed to be a collaborative platform between volunteer managers and volunteers. Philosophically, we believe that if a person's information is entered into an Internet-accessible database, the person should have access to it. To answer the question, no. Sorry.

Do I have to use availability time blocks?

The availability time blocks feature is there for your benefit but are optional. If you choose to not use them, volunteers can select shifts from the list of all shifts or you can assign volunteers from a list of all volunteers.

Why can't I see all shifts on the calendar at the same time?

We designed a system that could accommodate organizations of all sizes. Larger organizations may have dozens of shifts on the same day; therefore we chose to only show the count of shifts on the calendar which can then be selected to retrieve a list.

Can I request a new feature / new report?

Please do. The current system is based on the suggestions that we have received over the years. We are not able to accommodate all requests, but if we think that your suggestion would benefit a number of our organizations, we will make the effort.

Will the volunteer get an email whenever they are assigned to a shift?

No. Our system was created so that you as the volunteer manager can continually make changes to the schedules without worrying that the volunteer will login and mess with a non-final schedule. However, volunteers may opt-in to receive The Week Ahead emails to see their upcoming shifts and they have the option to login anytime to see their current schedule.

Do I get an email whenever a volunteer registers?

No. For larger organizations, they would receive hundreds of emails a day. Instead, you as the volunteer manager can choose to receive Daily Summary emails where there will be a list of new volunteers. Also, you can login to the site and sort your list of volunteers by when they were added to your volunteer focus.

Can I set the content that the volunteer sees?

You are able to add your own content to most pages of the volunteer interfaces.

Can I set the colors to match our organization's color scheme?

Sorry, but no.

How many focuses can I have?

We do not limit the number of volunteer focuses that you have, but please be reasonable. In other words, do not create a separate focus for every one of your thousand volunteers.

What happens if I go over the volunteer limit?

As you approach your volunteer limit, we will be in touch with options.

Can I ask the volunteer my own questions?

Yes, we do have a custom questions feature where you can add your own open-ended and multiple choice questions. This information is also included on the printable volunteer reports.

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