FAQs - Privacy Concerns

Be sure to see our full Privacy Policy.

Is YourVolunteers Secure?

No system on the Internet is entirely secure, but we do our very best to protect your information. We use SSL to transmit information. We protect our login information like it was the last box of Twinkies on the planet. Just Google "data breach" to see that even the world's biggest companies can be breached.

Do you contract out to firms in other countries?

First and foremost, we have worked with firms and individuals in other countries on other projects in the past and we do not believe that the quality of their work or their character should be judged based solely on the fact that they live in Country A or Country B. With that said, YourVolunteers has always been an in-house project and every line of programming code was written on machines owned by Primary Key Technologies, Inc. in Washoe Country, Nevada. No one outside of the company has access to the programming code or database. Also, we write really good code.

What Questions Should I Ask Other Volunteer Services?

Do your contractors have access to user data? If you do use contractors, have you had your source code independently reviewed for security holes and quality? Do you allow your contractors to have direct access to the live database? Are your servers in secure facilities and can you describe the steps you take to protect them? How often are your databases backed up?

Who has access to my information?

The staff of YourVolunteers has access to your information primarily for the purposes of support. The volunteer managers of the organizations with whom you are a volunteer have access as well and you will need to contact them to see how they use your information.

I have a feeling that you sold my personal information. Am I right?

As per our Privacy Policy, YourVolunteers and its parent company does not sell personal information. If you are sure that your personal information has been sold, contact your volunteer manager to see what they do with your information. If you want to test us or your manager, register as a pseudonym that you only use on our system and see if you start getting emails. For example, you could sign up as Carlos Danger and then see if you start getting SPAM related to little blue pills.

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